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Pest Bird Solutions

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You have a Pest Issue – How Can We Help?

Bird Control Services

Having pest birds on site can be an issue . Guano can cause a slip hazard, infection risk and block gutters and drains etc causing water damage to your property.

Pest Control & Wildlife Services

Rodents, insects or other wildlife all cause problems for man when they invade our space. Effective & professional monitoring & control.

Environmental Services

Bird guano, carcasses, sharps and all other unpleasant items can be removed and disposed of in an approved manner.

Our Services

Pest Control

Specialist Bird Control

Environmental Services

Bird Control

Service Video

Got a pest problem – we can probably help – call us todayon 01525 863...
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How much does a pest control service cost?

Part 1 You have discovered a pest problem, so you search the internet for a company that is going to solve it for you. You want it solved quickly, discreetly and at a reasonable price. How do you choose the company and how much will you pay to solve it? It is a...
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BTP is in the finals…….!

BTP | Professional Bird & Pest Control, is a pest control company that was started in the year 2000. Originally named BTP Control, it has evolved in to a leading provider of public health protection in Beds, Bucks & Herts. Providing a quality and effective...
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So, you want a real Christmas tree? What about the 25,000 bugs it could have on it?

This is an interesting point made by The Sacramento Bee ( – a newspaper in the US.  Over there they have a number of insects you would not want in the house compared to us here in the UK. But it does make you think what are you bringing in to the...
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Flies more germ-laden than suspected

Scientists have discovered that the humble fly carry more diseases than suspected. The BBC web site has been covering this story and can be read in full HERE. The problem with the fly is he likes to feed in some unsavory places such as rubbish dumps, rotting meat,...
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