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Bird Control Services

Having pest birds on site can be an issue . Guano can cause a slip hazard, infection risk and block gutters and drains etc causing water damage to your property.

Pest Control & Wildlife Services

Rodents, insects or other wildlife all cause problems for man when they invade our space. Effective & professional monitoring & control.

Environmental Services

Bird guano, carcasses, sharps and all other unpleasant items can be removed and disposed of in an approved manner.

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Bird Control

What’s really the point of wasps?

What’s really the point of wasps?                             We get asked this question many times! Here is an interesting article on the BBC web site:...
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How not to destroy a wasp nest – Videos

Some very amusing videos of how not to do DIY pest control in the USA. Call the professionals – 01525 863 951 Beds, Bucks &...
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Wasps a problem?

Wasps are now starting to cause issues this summer. The Queen wasp has stopped laying eggs, so nests and colonies is going into decline. The workers that have spent the summer collecting high protein food to feed to the grubs. These include aphids and other insects as...
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Do conkers keep spiders away

For people who are scared of spiders, placing conkers around their house offers them some relief. Though not proven scientifically yet to be effective. The old wives tale for many works, it is said that conkers must be fresh because as they dry out the spiders will...
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Bees or Wasps?

We are getting a lot of calls for Wasps! It is still a bit early for wasps nest to have fully developed – so large groups of flying insects will be a bee swarm. We don’t destroy Honey Bees as they are so beneficial to the environment. For Honey bee swarms,...
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