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Having pest birds on site can be an issue . Guano can cause a slip hazard, infection risk and block gutters and drains etc causing water damage to your property.

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Rodents, insects or other wildlife all cause problems for man when they invade our space. Effective & professional monitoring & control.

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Bird guano, carcasses, sharps and all other unpleasant items can be removed and disposed of in an approved manner.

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Pest Control

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Specialist Bird Control

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Bird Control

CIA unveils Cold War spy-pigeon missions

The CIA has declassified details of its secret Cold War spy-pigeon missions. From BBC News: The files reveal how pigeons were trained for clandestine missions photographing sensitive sites inside the Soviet Union. The release also reveals how ravens were used to drop...

Two hawks set to roam around Walsall’s skies to tackle problem pigeons

Warsall Council are using hawks to scare pigeons from Town Center The scheme, launched by Walsall Council, comes after a string of complaints over the mess the pigeons make. Councillor Oliver Butler, cabinet member for clean and green, said: "The pigeons in Walsall...

Coo, pigeon puts hospital visitors in a flap

Helping patients track down where their appointment is, is part of a typical day for a hospital helpdesk volunteer.  But when a homing pigeon walks through the doors to the main entrance and ends up at the Helpdesk – that’s a different story altogether! Here at BTP,...

Pigeon-feeding Wanstead pensioner electronically tagged and faces jail, judge warns

A woman who spent years leaving food and raw meat outside has been warned she could end up behind bars. Serial (or cereal) bird feeds have well meaning intentions. The problem is they keep the breeding stock in peek breeding condition. This in turn, leads to a...

Pigeon poops on politician during TV interview about pigeon poop problem!

A pigeon pooped on a politician’s head while he was interviewed about a train station overrun by defecating birds. A politician in the US got more than he bargained for while being interviewed on TV. During the interview at as local railway station dubbed ‘pigeon poop...

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