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Bird Control Services

Having pest birds on site can be an issue . Guano can cause a slip hazard, infection risk and block gutters and drains etc causing water damage to your property.

Pest Control & Wildlife Services

Rodents, insects or other wildlife all cause problems for man when they invade our space. Effective & professional monitoring & control.

Environmental Services

Bird guano, carcasses, sharps and all other unpleasant items can be removed and disposed of in an approved manner.

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Specialist Bird Control

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Bird Control

Bees or Wasps?

We are getting a lot of calls for Wasps! It is still a bit early for wasps nest to have fully developed – so large groups of flying insects will be a bee swarm. We don’t destroy Honey Bees as they are so beneficial to the environment. For Honey bee swarms,...
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Bird Control – Star Wars style!

Bird Control Star Wars Style! The control of urban birds is coming in to the 21 st century with laser technology. Fortunately it does not turn them into a puff of feathers.  The laser is not aimed at the birds but on the ground where they are, the green beam of moving...
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Don’t ever leave a wasp nest in your roof!

Don’t ever leave a wasp nest in your roof! Once an active wasp nest had been treated then it is normally left in place as it will not be re-used – but beware? I treated a huge nest for my parents a few years ago, whilst sitting in the garden one sunny...
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Pigeon Spikes for Pigeon Problems

Bird Spikes for Pigeon Problems The Feral Pigeon (Columbia livia) or Rock Dove has been around man for thousands of years. It has adapted to live along side us and utilises our buildings and throw away culture. A building with ledges, gutters, alcoves and overhangs is...
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A Bird in the hand… is better than one in your gutter!

Pigeons in the gutter? Not good as they tend to block them up! Feathers, droppings, eggs and nesting materials all contribute to blocked gutters and down pipes. Water damage to buildings is costly and has to be repaired. A simple fix is to install bird spikes to their...
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