Insect Problem?

Insect Problems?

Crawling, Flying or Biting Insect infestations are not pleasant and may lead to prosecution and/or a heavy fine and loss of business if in the Food industry. All can all be monitored and controlled by a number of different methods.

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Problem Insects include:

  • Ants
  • Wasps
  • Fleas (Cat & Dog)
  • Bed Bugs
  • Silver Fish
  • Cluster Fly
  • House Fly
  • Beetles
  • Moths
  • Cockroach

Domestic Customers

Insect infestations in the home are unpleasant and can be distressing. We can provide solutions for all types of insect problems discreetly using unmarked vans and can offer an out of hours service. Wasps nests dealt with quickly and guaranteed service. Bed bugs, Cluster Fly and Silver Fish are all treated.

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Commercial Customers

A full monitoring and control service for crawling insects such as Cockroaches (German & Oriental), Silverfish etc.

We can provide Ultra Low Volume (ULV) spraying, surface sprays or high volume spraying (Waste Site etc) for flying insects.

Supply and Servicing of Electronic Fly Killers (EFK’s) to include grid check & clean, tube replacement (Shatterproof) and spent tube disposal. Sticky boards supplied and replaced.

Pheromone systems for Moths species to control or confuse.

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A wasp nest

ULV spray for insects

ULV insect treatment

Destroying a wasp nest

Wasp Nest Treatment

Wasp Traps

We can supply and install wasp traps for patios, pub gardens, theme parks, hospital, film studios etc to catch scout wasps and reduce swarm feeding behaviours.

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Wasp trap full

Wasp trap full

BTP wasp trap

Fly Machines:


Electronic Fly Killer machine (EFK)


Ultra Violet reading

UV Reading for fly machine

BTP can provide a supply & full service for fly machines – electric grid or sticky board. Regular maintenance keeps them in good and effective working order to keep your EHO happy.

Quarterly Servicing to include:

  • Catch tray cleaning and catch analysis
  • Grid cleaning
  • Tube checking with a UV meter
  • Tube & starter replacement annually
  • Shatterproof tubes fitted as standard
  • Disposal of old tubes within WEEE regulations

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Kitchen Fly Screens & Doors

Our specialist fly screen fitters install bespoke fly screen, to keep the flies out when the windows are open. Keep the flies of the food and prep surfaces and keep the EHO happy!

Screen for flies

Fly Screen

Door chain to exclude flies

Fly Door Chain