Seagull Problems

Have Seagull Problems?

In the UK the seagull is seen as a seaside bird. Unfortunately they are working their way inland in search of food and nesting sites. As a large noisy and at times aggressive bird, they come into conflict with man causing seagull problems. 

Gull problems on Roofs & Solar Panels


  • Blocked gutters & drains from fouling & nest materials
  • Aggressive birds in the breeding season
  • Disease transmission such as Bird Flu (Avian influenza H5N1)
  • Contaminated solar panels – reduced efficency or damage¬†

Seagull damage

Seabirds have a long and complex courtship. This includes the male Gulls during the courtship period will pick up items such as stones, bones and vegitation and drop them to impress the female. Droppings, nesting materials and feather will all block gutters, roof valleys and down pipes. Below is an array that had damage due to the gulls picking up and dropping stones as part of their courtship.

Solar panels contaminated with bird guano will be reduced in efficency due to shading

Gulls will peck at cables, fixings, insulation etc causing direct damage to arrays



 Solutions for Seagull Problems

As most species of Gulls are protected by law under The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

The only way to deter them is by non lethal methods, such as physical barrier, e.g spikes and netting.

Scaring is permitted at certain times of the year.

This can include the flying of real birds of prey, Hawk Kites, Bio Acoustic distress calls and even lasers.

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YouTube video

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