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Our In – house bird of prey service was how BTP started in the year 2000 and we have expanded our service ever since.

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As raptors (generic term for birds of prey) hold a unique position at the top of their food chain, they can be used to create a “hostile environment” for pest birds trying to establish themselves in an area e.g football ground warehouse, hospital etc. This is achieved by  flying a real hawk around a problem area on a regular basis, the resident pest birds think it part of a hawk’s territory –  so they leave!  This invokes “fright then flight” reaction  as they don’t want to become a prey item.

Depending on the motivation for the pest birds to stay in their chosen area is normally nesting sites or food sources. This can have an effect of how often the hawk is flow in the area, for how long and at what time of day. We do vary flight times as birds don’t get accustomed to seeing the hawks at the same time on the same day.

Our Team

Here is a bio for our A-Team of bird control hawks.

Honey is the first and oldest member of our flying team. She is a social imprint and basically thinks she is a human and loves to chat to us all the time. She is quite laid back for a Harris hawk and on occasions when very lazy has sat with the pigeons instead of scaring them away! Read HERE the story of when she decided not to come back!

Honey the hawk


Honey a BTP bird control hawk

Honey in London

Sky is approximately  3 years old and the dominant female of the group. She is a fearless girl who doesn’t shy away from any challenge. Sky was a display hawk before she came to BTP. She is a magnificent flyer and most definitely silent – but deadly!
Sky a BTP bird control hawk

Sky working at a hospital

sky is a BTP bird control Hawk

Sky looking for pigeons to scare

Zeus is the newest member of the team, our little male Harris hawk. He is the baby of the team at just 20 weeks old. But don’t let his size fool you, he is bursting with power and speed – You could say fast as lighting! Zeus has been great little guy and a joy to train and work with. Even though he was unlucky to receive a foot injury on the day he came out the breeding aviary (unfortunately sometimes it happens when being caught up to be given a free flying life outside of the aviary). Fortunately this has not affected his training and he has almost finished his training in 2 weeks and ready to be flying free this week, now his foot is back to normal.
male bird control hawk

Zeus is already coming on jobs to see what happens!

Zeus is a male bird control hawl

Zeus is our new baby boy

We will keep this page update to what our team of hawks have been up to.

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